Sarina Insurance Charity for 2018 – The Smith Family

So many disadvantaged children want to do their best at school, but they just don’t have the support. So we have decided that The Smith Family will be our Charity for 2018.

As a sponsor, we have been able to connect our student to a local Learning for Life Coordinator like Marion. She works closely with sponsored students to understand their unique circumstances, so she can link them with the learning support they need.

Nothing makes Marion prouder than seeing the students she has supported for years collect their graduation certificates. Then there are days when the desperate need of a family reduces her to tears. It’s all part of being one of our Learning for Life Coordinators.

Marion has spent 10 years delivering the support that you make possible. And she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“You see some of these families in such crisis and you just think, ‘How on earth are these kids going to get through?’ Often there’s a very downcast persona in them,” said Marion.

In this video, Marion gives you an inside look at the impact of your sponsorship.

Find out more about The Smith Family here.