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Tips for Throwing a Safe New Year’s Eve Party

It’s no secret that New Year’s Eve tends to get a bit rowdy. From thousands of people out crawling the streets, every club and restaurant being completely booked out, and house parties breaking out across the country – it’s definitely a night worth celebrating.


If you’re having people over for New Year’s Eve, these tips will not only ensure your guests have a good time and get home safely, they’ll also ensure you don’t have to deal with any property or vehicle damage.


New Year’s Eve and Drinking

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Alcohol and New Year’s Eve go hand-in-hand with each other. When you have people downing beers and drinking vodka like it’s lemonade, make sure you store all of your valuables in safe places where they can’t get damaged. Your latest gaming console, for instance, might not fair too well if a vodka raspberry is poured all over it.


Also, try to keep note of how much your guests are drinking. If anyone seems like they’ve had enough, start switching their drinks for water and make sure they’re eating as well.


Finally, make sure your guests have a safe way to get home. For instance, have a couple designated drivers to get intoxicated people home safely, or if you have space, put together some makeshift beds so people can stay the night.


Party Sparklers and Fireworks

new year's eve safe party tips

Backyard fireworks are illegal in Queensland. Only people who have the appropriate licenses are able to handle fireworks and other explosive materials. As such, drunkenly lighting up some fireworks in your backyard is not advisable.


Also keep in mind that if you do set off backyard fireworks illegally and their use results in any burns or fire damage to part of your property, the damage will not be covered by your home and contents insurance – making backyard fireworks both a safety and financial risk!


A great alternative, especially for kids that want to have a bit of fun is sparklers. Just make sure they’re lit outside and that they’re careful not to hold them too close to any plants or flammable items.


Make Sure Your Party is Registered

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Pretty much every local cop will be working on New Year’s Eve, so if you don’t want your rager to get broken up too early, make sure you register your event with your local police station. This should be done approximately two weeks before the event.


However, police will still attend events if they receive any noise complaints or any calls related to misbehaviour.



Keep Your Eye Out For Party Crashers

new year's eve party crashers

The unruliest partygoers are usually gate crashers. To avoid your party getting out of control make sure your event is invite only and monitor the people coming and going over the course of the night.


If you’re sending invites to the party online, especially over social media sites like Facebook, make the event private/invite only, so it will only be visible to people who are actually invited.


If you do notice people rocking up who you don’t know, and they refuse to go when you turn them away, call your local police to escort them from your property.


Bringing in the New Year with a bang can be a lot of fun, but the last thing you want is to spend New Year’s Day trying to lodge a claim for property damage with your insurance broker or provider.


So, keep safe this New Year’s Eve, and talk to your insurance broker at Sarina Insurance if you have any questions about what is and isn’t covered in your home and vehicle insurance policies.